The Triple Crown 100 Stallion Incentive Program

We believe we have teamed up with some of the best Producers and Stallions to take barrel racing to another level.
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BHR Frenchie Socks

2018 Triple Crown 100 High Money Earners

Stallion: BHR Frenchies Socks

Owned by: Crystal Schumate

Owner: Shoppa Ranch

Breeder: Ryann Pedone

BHR Frenchie Socks

Triple Crown 100

The Triple Crown 100 Stallion Incentive is a program that PAYS owners (50%), stallion owners (30%) and breeders (20%).

  • We are influencing the decisions of mare owners and buyers to breed to Triple Crown Stallions and purchase Triple Crown foals who are eligible for Triple Crown Bonus Incentives.
  • Nominated horses receive additional exposure for their horses on our website.
  • Nominated horses will be eligible for additional marketing via our newest affiliates and Hotline Websites.
  • The Triple Crown 100 Stallion Auction gives breeders the opportunity to purchase breedings and have an opportunity to re earn their own $$$.

TRIPLE CROWN 100 Huge Bonus Money